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About Us

Based in the vibrant Pacific Northwest, I'm Tyson Spain, the driving force behind The Creative Solution. My decade-long journey through various industries - from Contracting and Analytical Chemistry to the dynamic world of the Cannabis industry - has not only shaped my expertise but also ignited a passion for fostering innovation and creativity.


My realization that conventional, rigid processes often stifle growth and innovation in an ever-evolving market led me to establish The Creative Solution. Here, I blend my unique insights and experiences to tackle challenges like Creative Block, Brand Development, and Process Improvement.


As a Technical Artist specializing in Audio and Visual production, I've refined my ability to apply creative concepts across diverse aspects of life and business. My mission is to impart this knowledge, aiding in the development of sustainable models that promise a prosperous future.


Whether you're an artist struggling to find your muse or a business professional seeking transformative strategies, The Creative Solution is your gateway to reaching new heights. Join me in redefining the boundaries of creativity and efficiency.


Welcome to the future of innovation. Welcome to My Solutions.

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What Makes Us Different

On-Time Guarantee

High-Quality Standards

Locally Owned and Operated

Results Driven Business

Multiple Payment Options

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